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1-Safety Precautions: Before using the CNC gear profile grinding machine, you must wear appropriate personal protective equipment (glasses, earplugs, gloves). Also, you should know where the emergency stop button is and locate your workspace

You should keep it clean and tidy.

2-Machine Preparation: De-energize the bench and organize the work area. Make sure the machine is set up correctly and make sure all connections are tight. Perform the necessary lubrication and maintenance operations.

3-Cutting Tool Selection and Assembly: Select a cutting tool suitable for the gears to be machined. Make sure the cutting tool has the correct size and shape. Assemble the cutting tool correctly into the machine's mounting and fasten it firmly.

4-Parameter Settings: Set the machining parameters using the CNC control panel. These include parameters such as grinding speed, feed rate, grinding depth and cutting speed. Correctly set the parameters suitable for the gears and material to be machined.

Programming 5-Gear Profile: Program the gear profile via CNC machine's control panel or software. Carefully enter the required measurements and profile information.

6-Fixing the Workpiece: Correctly fix the gears to be machined in the chuck of the machine or in a special holder. Make sure the gears are properly aligned and securely fastened.

7-Start Process: Start the process from CNC control panel or software. Follow the process for the machine to automatically grind and shape the gear. During the process, carefully follow the movements of the machine and stop the process when you observe any abnormal situation.

8-Operation Complete: When the operation is complete, stop the movement of the machine and move the cutting tool away from the workpiece. Carefully remove the workpiece and clean the workbench. Check the quality of the workpiece and make corrections as necessary.


1-Cleaning: Provide a clean and dust-free environment for the machine to work properly. Clean the counter regularly and remove any dust, chips or foreign matter around it. Especially carefully clean the gear and gear transport areas.

2-Lubrication: Regularly lubricate the moving parts of the gear profile grinder. Follow the lubrication points recommended by the manufacturer and use suitable lubricants. Provide adequate lubrication to reduce friction and wear of sprockets and moving parts.

3-Inspection of Gears: Check the gear systems of the machine regularly. Inspect the sprockets for wear, breakage or looseness. If there are any problems, make the necessary adjustments or replace the parts.

4-Thread Connections: Check the threaded connections regularly. If threaded connections are loose or damaged, tighten or replace them. It is important to ensure that the threaded connections work properly.

5-Grinding Wheels: Check the grinding wheels regularly. Check the wheels for wear, cracks or other damage. Replace worn or damaged wheels in a timely manner. Also, make sure the wheels are aligned correctly.

6-Electrical Controls: Regularly check the electrical control systems of the CNC gear profile grinding machine. Check the cables for damage or looseness. Tighten connections and replace defective parts if necessary. Keep the electrical panel clean and dust free.

7-Periodic Maintenance: Follow the periodic maintenance of the machine recommended by the manufacturer. These maintenances should generally be performed at specific hours or operating time intervals. These maintenances may include more detailed checks, part replacements and system upgrades.

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